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Maintaining your bicycle

  • Before each ride

    • Tire pressure
    • Chain lubrication
    • Condition of tires, cuts, embedded glass or gravel, tread wear
    • Tightness of bolts
    • Condition of brakes
    • Tightness of skewers
  • Monthly

    • Check brakes for road grit
    • Lubricate brake pivots
    • Check brakes for wear and rim alignment
    • Check rims for trueness
    • Check spokes for proper tension
    • Inspect tires for wear (including sidewalls)Check chain wear (average life: 500 miles - mountain bike; 3,000 - road bike)
    • Clean and check condition of chain rings, derailleurs, bottom bracket, headset, hubs, pedals, bike in general
  • Annually

    • To prolong the life of the bike and increase your safety, each part of your bike should be checked annually. Where appropriate, it should be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. If worn, parts should be replaced. All bearings should be cleaned and greased. The following areas should be checked:
      • Brakes
      • Cables
      • Wheels
      • Tires and Tubes
      • Chain
      • Chain rings
      • Derailleurs
      • Headset
      • Bottom Bracket
      • Hubs
      • Pedals
      • Other accessories